Counseling in Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver Washington Counseling - What to Expect

New to counseling in Vancouver, Washington?

If you have never been to counseling before, let me say, you have made an important decision. We all need a counselor in our lives at one time or another. For some, the anticipation of your first session can produce a bit of anxiety. Please know that you will feel comfortable with me. It will be OK. You might ask yourself "What if I don't like her?" The answer is, that's ok. I understand that you must "click" with your counselor and if we don't "click" then all we are doing is wasting your time and money. My goal is to help you when you want help, and if I am not the one to do that, I will help you find someone who is. Believe me, my feelings will not be hurt if you choose to see someone else.

There are other practitioners in this building and you may see people in the waiting room during your wait.

If you have a difficult time staying focused and tend to get sidetracked, I will help you contain your thoughts to stay on track. Your time is valuable.


Please make sure you know where my office is located. Allow yourself some time so that you are not in a rush and so you know you will be on time.

Before you come, please give yourself some time to think about the things you want to talk about. Write them down so you don't forget. If the list is long, I will help you prioritize during your session.

Come hydrated....water, decaf tea, coffee.

Eat a healthy snack before coming so your stomach is not talking louder than you are during session:)

Phone number- 360-524-2045

I'm available Monday through Thursday, 11:00am - 6:00pm. Schedule your appointment now. (360) 524-2045

“I was recommended to see Jennifer in the dreary months of winter when I was feeling very down in the dumps about life. With only a few sessions I was feeling much better after visiting with Jennifer and doing the things she recommended. She is professional and personable and GETS GREAT RESULTS! I have encouraged friends to see Jennifer and will continue to give out her name. Jennifer is just plain awesome!”