Counseling in Vancouver, Washington

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Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still. - Chinese Proverb
  • Premera and Regence Blue Cross, Including Anthem and Federal and Bridgespan
  • Lifewise Of Washington
  • Pacificsource, including Legacy Plus for hospital employees, Navigator and Voyager Plans too!
  • Aetna
  • I accept cash, check and credit card.

2 hour intake session- $200.00

On-going Individual or Marriage/Couples Counseling 50-55 minute session fee- $150.00

Pre-Marital Counseling- $150.00/Session/ per week for 6 weeks

Clinical Supervision for those working toward their licensure- $120.00/session

If you feel you are working too hard trying to handle a difficult transition in your life, trying to cope with anxieties or depression or trying to recover from a trauma, please call me. I am a Certified Clinical Trauma professional and offer counseling in Vancouver, Washington to individuals and couples. My years of experience in the Portland Metro area, including Vancouver, Washington, has prepared me to be sensitive to diversity of all kinds and to understand the struggles of others while remaining flexible to what one may need in the moment.

After 16 years of providing emergency medical social work in three busy emergency departments, I have found a great balance to life by shifting my focus as a counselor for individuals and couples in a private setting in Vancouver, Washington. My goal is to offer a safe, nonjudgmental and welcoming space for you to explore yourself with honesty. I will help you begin moving forward, while supporting you through the change process.

My practice is action-oriented, with great attention to your strengths while helping you to stay present in the moment.

"The only joy in the world is to begin" ~Cesare Paves

Searching for Counseling in Vancouver Washington

Searching for a counselor in Vancouver Washington is no easy task but after reading this you will have a better idea of how to go about making it much easier. You must find someone who a) accepts your insurance or offers a price you can afford, b) is available during times that you are, c) has an opening and d) is a match for your specific needs. Most importantly you must find someone you like, whom you feel you can be honest with and someone you feel you can learn from. Not all Vancouver counselors or counseling services are equipped to handle all mental health situations. Just like any other health pro, many focus primarily on women's issues, couples and marriage, drug and alcohol, children and teens, the elderly, trauma or other life transitions. Many have several initials after their names, such as LICSW, MSW, MHP, LMFT, PsyD, etc. These simply mean which discipline the therapist has mastered.

As you are looking, check out their website if they have one. Read some of their information. Do you like it? Does it resonate? Based on their picture and their web information, do they look like someone you could spend time with and be helped by. If yes, give them a call. Speak to as many counselors as you need to to narrow down the search. This may require leaving messages with a handful of providers. Don't be afraid to do this. Please be a patient patient. We may live in an instant world but most therapists are not sitting around waiting for your call. They are busy caring for their clients, working in other jobs and/or balancing their life with family and fun. Those therapists who are available to help, will call you back within 24 hours, unless it's a weekend or a holiday. And, as always, if you are having an emergency, you can always call 911 or the Clark County Crisis Line at 360-696-9560.

Remember, you are not looking for a friend. You are seeking a Vancouver, WA counseling professional who can help you. This is very different. Once you do speak to a counselor be sure to ask several questions: Such as, "What is your Training", "Where were you educated", "What steps might you take to help someone like me and how long would that take?" It may take a few days or a couple weeks of "shopping" before you find a couple candidates that might be a good match. I encourage you to meet with them for an initial half hour meeting, or maybe an extended chat over the phone. Most times these meetings are free but be sure to ask about that ahead of time. If a counselor isn't right for you, you'll know it. No therapist will have their feelings hurt if you choose not to come back.

When you do find a good match, be prepared to go to work. Do your homework, be open and honest and be willing to listen! Once you find the right fit and get to work, remember the best compliment you can pay a counselor for successful therapy sessions is to refer them to your friends, family and colleagues.

“Jennifer is fantastic! She helped me to regain direction and focus in my life to change self-destructive habits into positive energy to better myself and those around me. She goes the extra mile to help you find not only your inner drive, but external resources to help you achieve your goals!”