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Transitional Issues in Vancouver, Washington

Transitions are part of life. Every single day transitions to every stage of life (and man does it move fast!). Along the way, new questions arise about where your life may be going. You may begin to question what is important. You may stumble as you face something brand new. You may be knocked back when you realize you are in "new territory", unexpectedly. Or, you may be fully expecting to transition into something new and need to prepare for it.

Transitions may be big or small. You may be starting a new job, a new family, or making a change in your life which affect your entire family or the way you are viewed by others. Divorce, Death, Sexual Identity or returning to civilian life after combat are huge transitions that often times require professional guidance in order to maintain ones optimal mental health and to continue on in life as strong and confident as possible.

I will help you priortize your concerns and begin to process with you as you transition. You are not alone and we will work together. I will give you the tools you require to be sucessfull in order to transition to this new phase of your life.

I provide a comfortable, safe environment for you to share your fears, concerns and dreams for you future. Please let me help you with counseling during your transition here in beautiful downtown Vancouver, Washington.

I look forward to meeting with you soon. Call today at 360-524-2045 to schedule an appointment. ~Jennifer

I'm available Monday through Thursday, 11:00am - 6:00pm. Schedule your appointment now. (360) 524-2045

“Jennifer is a fantastic counselor. My husband and I saw her for pre-marital counseling, and then I later worked with her one-on-one to deal with some feelings of anxiety and depression. She was always thoughtful, respectful, and warmly reassuring, and our sessions consistently made me feel better, even on bad days. After several months of seeing her I made some changes in my life and felt significantly better. I'd strongly recommend her to anyone!”

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