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Marriage Counseling in Vancouver, WA

Being in a close relationship with someone can be wonderful, rewarding, stimulating and comfortable. It can also be maddening, frustrating, heart breaking and lonely. Often, couples in a failing relationship wait too long before asking for professional help. Once a couple waits too long to reach out for help, they end up being less committed in session or end up having divorce counseling instead of marriage counseling. Please do not wait this long before you admit to yourself and your partner that this marriage or relationship needs help. You are important and life is too short to live with unhappiness. Let's get to work.

Marriage and couples come in all forms, all lengths of time, all levels of commitment. I understand this, and I welcome your unique partnership in a warm inviting and non-judgemental environment. I will provide an unbiased, neutral voice in this process and will provide you the tools you need to learn how to communicate again. I will help you get back to your base, to what is most important to you. Whether you are dealing with infidelity, lack of trust, issues that come with blended families and parenting, I can help you. Let us work together now, before things deteriorate further.

Marriage and Couples counseling is also a great way to "check in" to keep on track. Waiting until the crisis happens is not proactive. Meeting with a professional who can offer an "expanded view" can keep a couple from going too far off track.

Please call 360-524-2045 for a free phone consultation and to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. ~ Jennifer

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“Jennifer is fantastic! She helped me to regain direction and focus in my life to change self-destructive habits into positive energy to better myself and those around me. She goes the extra mile to help you find not only your inner drive, but external resources to help you achieve your goals!”