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Premarital Counseling in Vancouver, Washington

I am a realist when it comes to marriage. Whether you met your potential partner at a wedding, a church, a bar, or the produce section, it's important to consider the weight of a marriage proposal. Premarital counseling does not mean you have problems in your relationship, it means you care for your partner enough to communicate and make a respectful and educated decision regarding spending your life with them.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 16 years of experience working with families, couples and individuals, I am prepared to work with you and your partner to help you ask and answer some very difficult questions. I will help you sort through questions you may have regarding your future with your partner and help you feel confident in your decision, whatever it may be.

Please keep me in mind when considering Premarital Counseling and, after marriage, check in with me from time to time for marriage counseling. I can help. ~ Jennifer

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******Below, you will find resources which may be helpful while you are considering Premarital Counseling. If you have come across a resource that you find would be particularly helpful to others considering marriage, please send the link to Jennifer@VancouverWaCounseling.Com and I will post it to this page. Thank you.****

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“I was recommended to see Jennifer in the dreary months of winter when I was feeling very down in the dumps about life. With only a few sessions I was feeling much better after visiting with Jennifer and doing the things she recommended. She is professional and personable and GETS GREAT RESULTS! I have encouraged friends to see Jennifer and will continue to give out her name. Jennifer is just plain awesome!”